CNBlue Yonghwa and SNSD Seohyun cute moment :3

“On the February 1st episode of ‘Music Bank‘, CNBLUE took home the #1 award on the K-Chart with “I’m Sorry“. While Yonghwa was making the winning speech, Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany handed him a doll that was originally clipped to Seohyun‘s belt. Yonghwa took the doll and raised it in the air declaring his love for BOICE. After his speech, he seems to ask YoonA, “What is this?“. YoonA must have explained it to him what it was, because he nods and then starts playing around with it. Yonghwa also had a brief moment with Seohyun as she patted Yonghwa on the shoulder as the girls congratulated CNBLUE on the win.

Many fans reminisced back to their pairing on ‘We Got Married‘ and they wondered why Tiffany handed him the doll from Seohyun’s belt.

Tiffany gives him the doll at 0:43 and the Yongseo moment occurs around the 1:31 mark.”

source & credit : allkpop


I’m back!

Sooooo, i finally back after a long hiatus. Hi! Sorry i didn’t manage this wordpress. I’m just too lazy to manage it. But my ‘comeback’ is coincide with snsd’s comeback! woohooo, who’s excited? i’m certainly one of them. Have you watch i got a boy and dancing queen music video? how was it? it’s really cool. and i must say that i like love the concept. But at first i don’t really like the song. I think it’s so messy an the music also keeps changing. Some people even thought that it’s like a medley. But after hearing it several times, i started to accustomed to it and like it. I also know the meaning of the lyrics, so that’s why the music keeps changing. The song has a different point of views. So for you who haven’t watched it, you can watch it here. And also here for dancing queen music video. Enjoy it 😉

EXO and SNSD comeback

Well, i’ve been waiting for exo and snsd’s comeback. But this year and until now, snsd is still focusing in japan promotion. And i heard that snsd will be the last sm group to come back. But for exo, i also very anticipating for them to comeback. In some exo-k’s intro when they’re performing(not in a music show), i think kai already gave the clue about their new song’s coreography. And there’s a rumour spreading about exo’s new album track list. Well i hope exo and snsd will comeback fast. It’s sad to know that only taetiseo and not the whole snsd who have been nominated in MAMA. Maybe it’s because snsd didn’t do any activity in korea this year beside acting, or mc-ing, and only taetiseo did. So i just write my opininon about their comeback here hehe ^^