I’m back!

Sooooo, i finally back after a long hiatus. Hi! Sorry i didn’t manage this wordpress. I’m just too lazy to manage it. But my ‘comeback’ is coincide with snsd’s comeback! woohooo, who’s excited? i’m certainly one of them. Have you watch i got a boy and dancing queen music video? how was it? it’s really cool. and i must say that i like love the concept. But at first i don’t really like the song. I think it’s so messy an the music also keeps changing. Some people even thought that it’s like a medley. But after hearing it several times, i started to accustomed to it and like it. I also know the meaning of the lyrics, so that’s why the music keeps changing. The song has a different point of views. So for you who haven’t watched it, you can watch it here. And also here for dancing queen music video. Enjoy it 😉


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