Have you vote for MAMA today? please vote for super junior, taetiseo, and exo-k. taetiseo is currently losing in best female group and best global female group ><


Leeteuk’s enlistment

It’s so sad that our best leader ever after, will go for 2 years. Not just me or elf that sad with leeteuk’s enlistment, but the other super junior members too. siwon said in an interview that in an interview that he is worry about the other members when leeteuk leave for enlistment. actually, i’m a bit worry too. but i believe that they will work hard and do their best to make elfs and leeteuk proud. and i definitely will miss him, for saying “urineun super juni-oor~”, for always crying on the stage on concert, for always being funny, for always giving your love for elf. i will wait for 2 years. and i’m personally will wait for leeteuk. i even had to wait so long for kangin and heechul. and i also have been wait so long for super junior to be 13 again. and i won’t be tired waiting for them to be with the 13 members, and also henry and zhou mi. and even when they’re disband(i hope not), i will always wait for them and be an elf forever. and even they get older, even when one by one of them will go for enlistment too, even when they’re not super junior anymore, even when they’re not saying “urineun super juni-oor~” anymore, i will always be here. it doesn’t matter if you’re an elf from the beginning, what matter is that you will be here from the end. i’m not saying it’s an “end” but an “and” :’)

EXO and SNSD comeback

Well, i’ve been waiting for exo and snsd’s comeback. But this year and until now, snsd is still focusing in japan promotion. And i heard that snsd will be the last sm group to come back. But for exo, i also very anticipating for them to comeback. In some exo-k’s intro when they’re performing(not in a music show), i think kai already gave the clue about their new song’s coreography. And there’s a rumour spreading about exo’s new album track list. Well i hope exo and snsd will comeback fast. It’s sad to know that only taetiseo and not the whole snsd who have been nominated in MAMA. Maybe it’s because snsd didn’t do any activity in korea this year beside acting, or mc-ing, and only taetiseo did. So i just write my opininon about their comeback here hehe ^^