Just make a wordpress account, so i don’t really understand how to work it. Now i’m trying to post something, hehe. Well, first, my name is Syifasa Putri. I love Justin Bieber, K-pop (especially Super Junior, Girls’ Generation and EXO), singing, dancing, fangirling, and internet. I also interested in comics and detective things such as Conan Edogawa, Sherlock Holmes, and others. The way i spent my day beside go to school is, fangirling. Internet is one of my way for fangirling over my idols. I also often use twitter, instagram, kakaotalk, skype, weibo, me2day, and many more. I have a facebook account, but i’m not using it anymore. Mostly i use twitter. My obstacle for fangirling is school’s homeworks and tasks. I’m now learning korean, and i can write and read a little bit of hangul. I also can speak korean. English is my best language beside my country’s national language. And probably, korean is my third best language. Everyone in super junior, snsd, and exo are my biases.(?) But if i have to choose, then tiffany and sooyoung in snsd. And sehun in exo. Choosing a bias in super junior is very hard. But actually everyone in super junior, snsd, and exo are all good looking. Beside a good looking member is one of my characteristic of my bias, i like a funny and cute ones. I also like if the member’s dance/vocal is good. Oh, and i’m a hunhan and eunhae hard shipper! I don’t like fanwar šŸ™‚ Well, that’s pretty much about me. If you want to talk to me more, follow me on twitter @Putriii05 or send me e-mail at syifasaputri@rocketmail.com . See you in the next post! x šŸ™‚


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